Frank and Margie Goss started a pottery in Chatham, New Jersey in 1941. In the 1940's and 1950's they used various “Goss Stoneware” marks and labels, and also marketed their product under the name “Contemporary Ceramics” at their 32 Watchung Ave., Chatham, NJ address. In 1964 the company was incorporated under the name of Chatham Potters, Inc. Costas Kalogirou, plant manager, bought the company in 1967.
Chatham Potters Inc. relocated to Oswego, Kansas in 1976, but kept a sales office in Chatham, NJ, as well as at the factory site in Oswego. In Kansas the company used clays from Cherokee County, KS, and local natural gas to fire the kilns.
The “CP” mark was registered 22 March, 1966 claiming use since 1 May, 1966.
Chatham Potters, Inc. quit business in 1984 because they were unable to compete with less expensive foreign imports.

    I would like to thank the members of the Oswego, Kansas Historical Society for their kind help in locating newspaper articles, and for their interest in this project.  




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